Thomas Acevedo avitar artwork and link for his gallery in The Naked Man Project.E. Hirano avitar artwork and link for his gallery in The Naked Man Project.John Douglas avitar artwork and link for his gallery in The Naked Man Project.Jim Feringer avitar artwork and link for his gallery in The Naked Man Project.Paul Richmond avitar artwork and link for his gallery in The Naked Man Project.David J Vandrpool avitar artwork and link for his gallery in The Naked Man Project.

Gregg Friedberg - Classical Figure Self-Photographer & Poet

I think my style shows forthrightly the influence of dance and traditional figure drawing, painting, and sculpture.  My concern’s always been primarily the poses, their translation into two dimensions:  lines, proportion – and body language, especially the expressive potential of the limbs and hands, over that of the face.  And – related, I feel, to this matter of expressiveness of the body, how it arranges itself in space – I much prefer natural light.


Paul Richmond - American Erotic Humorist Painter

Paul’s work immediately struck me because they were so filled with a humor I could identify with.  He had developed a series he called “Cheesecake” which was a vivid throwback to the nostalgic pin up styles we had become accustomed to seeing.  Typically these types of images were shown with women in these sorts of manors; for instance the old horror movie classic where the woman is being terrorized by some menacing creature.


Jim Ferringer - Classic American Artist

I am fascinated and in love with light. It’s what draws me to the art of photography and what I strive to capture in my imagery. To me the art of manipulated photographs is the ability to see and paint with light and combined images. Through the manipulation of images and the overlaying of textures, most of my work ends up looking like paintings. I am captivated by the beauty of men, all men, and have embarked on a journey to explore that in my current imagery.


MY LIFE -  Story and Art by Australian Aritst John Douglas

Following an embarrassing après-dinner incident at a Gentleman’s Club, where I simultaneously ejaculated semen and fettuccine over my anonymous friend then skulked home covered in stringy alien afterbirth, I decided to become a recluse.  I began to haunt chat rooms on the Internet.  The best part about chat rooms is that you can be anyone. A Polio stricken Marianne Faithful impersonator rasping from an iron lung. An amputee dwarf into electro-sex, tapping on a tiny keyboard with a hook.


E. HIRANO – Japanese/Mexican Painter and Graphic Artist

I have painted since I can remember capturing life on canvas has always been part of my existence. Later in life I found that the human body was the perfect object for the expression of my artistic needs. Experimenting with almost every art form through the years, my work today falls almost exclusively in the visual arts, specifically male erotica being my principal subject. Intimacy is the feeling of being close to someone. It occurs when two people share their emotions, fears and desires, and are able to be emotionally open with one another, genuinely trust one another, and feel able to take the risk of being vulnerable.


Thomas Acevedo - American Painter

"I love the male form and I love conveying a quiet vulnerability and masculinity.  The paintings are usually a compilation of photographs that I shoot and then put together using this hand with that arm or that head. They are figurative paintings but I try to transfer an emotion or a stage of my spiritual growth onto the canvas.  Layer by layer, I apply acrylic house paint and glaze, building references to the emotion I am trying to express. In spite of its personal nature, my work relays a struggle with life's trials and burdens that is universally felt and understood."


David J Vanderpool - Pencil Drawing Graphic Artist

He obsessed with the subtle shading of his gradation through intricate line and movement of his pencils. "With time passing came change – My style in drawing has changed through the years, as a result of always trying to improve from the last attempt. Much like life in general, if you don’t learn from your mistakes you can’t move on and do better."


Joe Hendry - Scottish Painter and Illustrator

Joe’s work seems to meander through a variety of different styles and methods, but he now concentrates mainly on figurative pieces in oil and acrylic.  “I used to find attending life drawing classes really exhausting. The concentration needed was quite intense. Many of my female and male art have started off as life drawing sketches. Many others have developed from photography. We all relate to the human body and to portraiture.



Sebastian Moreno Coronel - Mexican/Spanish Painter

Sebastian is a prolific painter who lives and works in Spain.  His images take the viewer on an autobiographical journey into the human heart; expressing a range of feelings from doubt, confusion, fear, elation and the desire of being an out and openly gay man and artist.  His images are often erotically charged with broad strokes and vibrant color as they celebrate the male nude in all its flaws and glory.